Creative services

Our collective experience give us the confidence, enthusiasm and the ability to create unique branding that will effectively communicate your brief with the professionalism it deserves. Our Design studio is equipped with the latest equipment and we have capabilities and resources to match. Our projects vary in complexity, no campaign or project is too big or small, feel free to see for yourself and browse our portfolio.

We usually charge by the size of the project but in simple terms you can expect about £300-500 for us to come up with a complete brand that people can recognise you, this would include marketing material such as presentation packs, flyers, business cards, letterhead and advertising.

Your logo plays a pivotal role in your business as it's default mark that people will identify you with. People will always look for and remember it, so it has to has to be right the first time and it's difficult to change. We understand this importance and we are willing to take the time and effort to help you get the most out of your logo by discussing your business in detail. We will then come back to you with options for you to make your decision.

We usually charge about £200 for a design of a logo but this price can vary dramatically either way depending on your requirements

We can produce everything from specialist technical and architectural drawing (artists impressions), archaeological and historical reconstructions, nature illustration, pictorial maps and cartoons. Our illustrators work closely with the graphic designers and you - the clients, to produce stunning images that strongly communicate your message. Our illustrators are knowledgeable in many technical areas of design. They will be able to work with your own specialists to provide you with meaningful images that will enable you to present your products and schemes to maximum effect.

The cost of illustrations vary on complexity, but you can expect to pay anything from £100 to 350.

We provide creative visual imagery to help you stay ahead in today's competitive marketplace. Our aim is always is to create the best in high quality photography, to help give your business an artistic edge over your competitors. Where appropiate (and to meet your budget) we will use archived stock items, shoot photos using our in-house team or where specialist photography is required we have a selection of top grade professionals that we can recommend.

A call out for a shoot will cost you on average £200 for the day, if you need us to take photos of your products we will agree a price with you per photo

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